Competition Europan 8 2005
Second prizeBergen, Noruega

Parc E16 in Åsane proposes an urbanism that builds itself in close proximity to city infrastructure. In spite of the barrier created by the E16 national roadway through Åsane it is possible to create a powerful urban center at this site which is fully connected to the surrounding through public space for gathering and a multitude of pathways for pedestrians.  To that end, the project takes on the form of a tunnel which builds on a tradition and constructive knowledge that is typically Norwegian.  The project attempts to convert the division and noise caused by the highway in a new condition that includes housing, parks, and spaces for community gathering through landscape strategies.

The project´s elements are as follows: Underneath the new elevated park the road widens to accommodate two rail tracks for an express train. A group of two buildings around an open plaza near the commercial center hosts a train station for the rapid system, a produce market, an Olympic size pool and sauna, movie theatres, a community center and a center for park services.. A series of shopping buildings runs parallel to the existing commercial center creating a shopping boulevard for pedestrians, with an indoor walk connecting the new light rail station with the existing bus depot. East of the Park E15 are the 300 housing apartments and a retirement living facility all surrounded by a wooded park with a new lake.

Designed by Mauricio Ulloa and Elisa Silva

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