Competition Puerto Azul2007
Puerto Azul, Vargas State Venezuela

A competition focused on the oceanic beach areas of the Puerto Azul Club creates the possibility to transform several landslides suffered by this space into a new opportunity for design and an improved experience for its users. The club is comprised of a series of diverse spaces for activities, vegetation and shade. These areas are linked among themselves through paths made of stone, concrete and sand that in turn define the limits of interior zones. We have conceptualized these areas as cells of space that represent the formal structure of the Puerto Azul Club.

The proposal extends this cellular structure defining new spaces such as the picnic area, a children´s park, an amphitheatre, volleyball courts, football and bacci, as well as an open zone defined by palm trees that mark the center of the project. In the background of this network lies the beach area designed as a long linear space to be discovered behind a long row of tall coconut palms. 

Textures, materials and vegetation reference those that already exist. The intention is to formally integrate new with old by using a shared language. Vegetation is comprised of trees, bushes, grasses and vines that grow with ease in the area. They are in turn arranged to create areas with particular characteristics characteristics of varying densities, heights and tree coverage. The paths are presented with soft materials such as compact earth and pavers, with the exception of specific areas where harder surfaces of concrete and stone appear.

Designed by Inés Casanova and Elisa Silva

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