Rehabilitation of the Sabana Grande Boulevard Competition2007
First prize Caracas, Venezuela


Small interventions and events can stimulate appreciation a conscientiousness and appreciation for public space. Today Sabana Grande represents one of the few urban spaces used by pedestrian within Metropolitan Caracas. People regularly go there to walk from one end to the other for recreation and shopping. The boulevard can act as a catalyst in the knitting process of an expansive network of pedestrian spaces that extends beyond its defined limits. Public space represents a mental state which is why education through organized events and activities can stimulate citizens to develop appreciation for these spaces. For example, an annual competition of art installations can allow artists to communicate ideas, reflections and anxieties with respect to the city and help create an open dialogue between spectators and their surroundings. These installations would present opportunities to interpret public space in a profoundly personal way that can be learned and valued with greater intensity than what common propaganda can accomplish. Other events could support restoration initiatives through public presentations and conversations that can disseminate knowledge about the history and value in preserving buildings. Points of interest could be marked with a visible object that would awaken the publics curiosity and desire to learn about its significance.


Other recommendations that would transform the Sabana Grande Boulevard´s perception include the introduction of new programs such as theatres, auditoria, music conservatories which would develop a renewed cultural value.


Designed by Elisa Silva and Inés Casanova


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