Latinamerican lessons in Slum Upgrading. 2011
Artespacio - La Paz, Bolivia


Cities have prooven to be very succesful generators of development and provide a better quality of life for their inhabitants, which is why as of 2007 more people in the world live in cities than in rural areas. Together with high urban concentrations, Latinamerica is coupled with high poverty levels and high fertility rates which leads to higher demografic concentrations of people with scarse resources living in precarious urban situations. Informal settlments, known as barrios, favelas and villas present grave limitations in terms of access to public services, public space, urban facilities, accesibilidy and a degrated environmental state. From a sotial stand point there problems associated with violence, drug and alcohol comsumption, low educations levels, high levels of adolescent pregnancies, unemployment and illness.


This exhibition presents a series of design projects, some of which have been built located in urban slumps that respond to important fisical and social necesities in their respective comunities. The three projects that received recognition in the First Urban Development and Social Inclusion Competition by CAF, four emblematic case studies and three integral master plan projects comprise the content of the exhibition.


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