Solid Waste Management and Children’s Playgrounds2009
La Moran, Caracas Venezuela

As part of an integral environmental sanitation project in the community of La Morán, an informal settlement of circa 7,000 inhabitants in the western side of the city of Caracas, informal waste dumps called "vertederos" are to be converted into public spaces for the community. "Vertederos" are residual spaces informally utilized by the community to dispose of their solid waste, thereby contaminating the environment, affecting the dignity and quality of life of its inhabitants. In response to this problem a "waste route" has been designed together with the community where containers differentiated between organic and inorganic waste will be emptied daily by young workers in the community for pay. Concurrently the "vertederos" will be freed of all waste and three of them will be converted into modest children playgrounds to be cared for and maintained by the participants in the environmental sanitation project and by the community at large.

Client: La Asociación Civil Comunitaria La Morán-Silsa, 
Social workers: FUDEP Fomento para el Desarrollo Popular
Sponsor: DVC Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad 
Phase: Under construction
Área: 102 m2

e. t. +58(0) 212 2654123. Caracas, Venezuela 1060

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