“Antimano – Catholic University Andres Bello – Live cartography”

Enlace Arquitectura was invited to participate in the project "Antimano - Catholic University Andres Bello - Live Cartography" with the exhibition "CABA Cartography of the Caracas barrios 1966-2014". The exhibition is open to the public during the month of March 2017 in the Experimental Hall of the Catholic University Andres Bello Cultural Center and includes a series of municipal maps and a large scale satellite map of Caracas (12.0 x 5.5 meters) at 1:5,000 scale, that shows the slum areas. Slums account for 4,470 hectares and the equivalent of 24% of the entire urban territory. 1.449.055 inhabitants live there, which is 45% of the Caracas population.