XX Architecture and Urban Design Biennial in Chile

Enlace Arquitectura was selected to participate in the XX Architecture and Urban Design Biennial in Valparaiso Chile titled "Dialogos Impostergables" with the project "City Planting". The Biennial is an initiative of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile in collaboration with the Association of Architecture Offices and the Network of Architecture and Urbanism Schools in Chile.

From the Biennial´s web site: "Considering the ‘unpostponable’ from within architecture and urbanism presents us with an urgency to work with those who reside in the margins and who have not seen their necessities and aspirations reflected in their urban environment. It is fundamental to generate a dialogue between the different forces that shape our cities, establish a connection with other countries of the global south countries and include in the discussion everybody who have been postponed throughout history."