Nothing out of the ordinary - Meeting and discovery in La Casa de Todos

The last event of the program "Integration Process Caracas" was held Saturday, October 12 at the Casa de Todos in Baruta, titled "Nothing out of the ordinary: Meeting and discovery in La Palomera". Nothing out of the ordinary is what a meeting place and cultural space should be. The focus of the event was to recover an abandoned, dilapidated and half made house, where the only thing that occupied it was garbage, rubble, and a recently planted corn plot, tended to by a member of the community. The house was cleared and curated to host an event, where both the community of La Palomera and all Caracas, could find each other and discover themselves in this particular place. The house is located precisely at the hinge between the town of Baruta and the barrio. The event turned out to be an unforgettable night, of people dancing, eating, reflecting, imagining, discovering and recognizing themselves in space. The house was filled with the energy of close dreams, and the harmony generated by children, adults and grandparents enjoying a shared time together, both neighbors and non-neighbors.

4:00 pm. Comparsa, chimbangueles and drum gaita.
4:45 pm. Traditional dance / everyone's house
5:30 pm. Performance “Inhabiting the House”
6:30 pm. Workshop The House does with the body
7:00 pm. Manifesto Meeting and Discovery in La Palomera
4:00 - 8:00 pm. Hot dishes and cold drinks, projections and live music.