• Manifesto To The Complete City



Manifesto To The Complete City

The "Manifesto to the complete city" is a document that exposes the desire for an integrated city, where the barrios are fully recognized and prejudices and exclusions between parts of the city, or between inhabitants, do not prevail. Written by Cheo Carvajal and published in Prodavinci.com, the text denounces everyday manifestations that emphasize differences and calls on us to recognize and confront them. 

The barrios,although they coexist with us, are not entirely recognized as part of the city. The Manifesto invites us to participate in its recognition and to contribute to the construction of a complete city. It is part of the program "Integration in the Caracas process" and the series "Art, pedagogy and city", the Manifesto was presented at the third event of the series "Art, pedagogy and city" that is part of the program "Integration in the Caracas process". The program is organized by Enlace Fundación, Ciudad Laboratorio and the Bigott Foundation, with the support of the Baruta Mayor's Office, Puntos Solidarios, Making City and the Community of La Palomera, as well as the sponsorship of the United States Embassy in Venezuela.