• Prodavinci "Desde una cancha de bolas criollas"



Cheo Carvajal, journalist and founder of Ciudad Laboratorio, shares experiences from the third gathering "Complete city, overflowing city" of the series "Art Pedagogy and City" which in turn is part of the Integration Process Caracas IPC program, in this article published in Prodavinci, on April 4, 2019. Several simultaneous walking tours were led from the Plaza El Cristo in Baruta to the Las Brisas sector of La Palomera. A few stops were programed along the tour to talk about the nature of public space in the barrio and the way the dimensions and proximity of space conditions people´s behavior. The event culminated in the bocce court of Las Brisas, under the shade of a generous Saman (rain tree), where guests and neighbors shared their experiences and, also played bocce ball together.