• En El Tapete "La Palomera, people with flight"


    En El Tapete

"La Palomera, People with Flight," written by journalist Faitha Nahmens was published in the digital magazine En El Tapete, July 17, 2019. It highlights the fifth event titled Founder’s of La Palomera Celebration of the program "Integration Process Caracas," which is organized by Enlace Foundation, Ciudad Laboratorio, Fundación Bigott, La Hacienda La Trinidad, and enjoys the support of the Baruta City Hall.

The author writes: “The neighborhood is the city and also celebration, the music of the harp, cuatro and maracas is a powerful string that pulls those who climb the slope from the flatter areas of the Baruta square. When you reach the sector of Santo Domingo in La Palomera, the postcard confirms what has been announced: there is a party under the ceiba tree. A barrio that was given a chance to tell its story at this Saturday, in a glorified family reunion at La Palomera ("where the pigeons once flew" – paloma means pigeon in Spanish). It is a barrio that has turned the sidewalks not only into spaces for walking, but also for art, as in the example of the pavement stripes of color bottle caps children pressed into the fresh cement of a newly configured square. One of the stripes is made of yellow, blue and red bands (the colors of the Venezuelan flag), colors that belongs to the children.”