• Artishock "The country continues (brief report from the archipelago)"



In celebration of the anniversary of Caracas on July 25, 2019, curator Felix Suazo writes about the significant contributions to Venezuelan artistic production, both inside and outside the country, over the course of the year 2019. Among the works featured in the article, two are works by Enlace Arquitectura. The canopies Enlace suspended in the barrio El Calvario, which were designed together with José Javier Alayón, are presented as a significant installation within the informal urban environment. The program “Integration Process Caracas” in La Palomera, organized together with Ciudad Laboratorio, Fundación Bigott, Laboratorio Ciudadano de la No Violencia Activa, Itanera, La Hacienda Trinidad and a group of artists, was commended for its insistence in making the persistent stigma against the barrio a subject of wide discussion through journal articles, events, radio interviews and social media.