• Prodavinci "Log for an alternative October 12"



Prodavinci published a review of the event "Nothing out of the ordinary: Meeting and discovery in La Palomera," written by Cheo Carvajal, on October 23, 2019. The event was held on October 12 at the Casa de Todos in the Municipality of Baruta, and is part of the program "Integration in Caracas Process". 

Many things happened that day including dancing, music, readings, videos, sancocho eating and more. The reading of the manifesto "A door that opens to a collective desire" witnessed the symbolic and functional intention behind opening the Casa de Todos, even if for only one day. The author cites: “Today, October 12, 2019, an important day in this chaos of images that make up our identity, a wall collapses and a real and symbolic door opens. We have to collectively produce, from respect and understanding, new demolitions and new constructions. Here, in the Casa de Todos, in La Palomera, but always thinking about the complete city."