• ioArch "Agents of Transformation" review of the publication Puro Espacio



The Italian magazine ioArch in its issue No. 228 of November 2020, includes the following review on the publication Pure Space: Expanding the public sphere through public space transformations in Latin American spontaneous settlements.

We usually become familiar with urban projects when they receive an international award. However, the processes of urban transformation that are taking place in remote areas of the world should concern us (and affect us): first of all, to finally make a statement about the incessant growth of the urban population that is solid and tangible, since this statement is perceived as useless when we hear it vaguely referenced in the introduction to a lecture; and then because informal settlements are expanding even along the edges of northern cities in the world. In addition to the analytical and precise description of 23 public space transformation projects in Latin American cities, the publication Pure Space presents the architect and the urban planner as “agents” of change. They do not limit themselves to design, but also seek creative solutions to promote, finance and create spaces that are catalysts of urban transformation. Elisa Silva's research was funded by the Graham Foundation and CAF - development bank of Latin America.

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