Vela American Academy in Rome

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    American Academy in Rome, Italy
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Vela was installed over thepath through the Bass Garden of the American Academy for the OpenStudio exhibition of May 2006. It represents a prototype for thelater installation on Vicolo de' Catinari which was entirely redonewith important structural changes. This initial version consists ofa series of three groups of sails, suspended over the walkway usinglong bamboo stems and string. The sails themselves are made out ofa translucent plastic textile, nylon and metal. Exposed to the openair, sun and wind, the sails perform a beautiful dance and sing, atthe same time casting dynamic shadows that register the air´smovement on the ground. A simple walk became a procession thatallowed the user to become aware of the length of his step over thecast triangles and the intervals of time between stripes of shadeand light.