Las Mercedes Offices

  • Location:
    Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Area:
    134 sq. m.
  • Client:
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This interior of a once residentialhouse was remodeled into 134 square meters of office space. Thestructure could not be altered in any way due to the fact that mostwalls are load bearing. Therefore the intervention strategy focusedon surfaces and patterns that could clarify the overall reading ofthis cellular series of spaces. A white marble floor is playfullycolored with fragments of green marble that meander from thereception space through a long corridor and into the bathroom. Offof this corridor work spaces can be easily accessed throughopenings defined by glass boxes and simple sliding doors. Furniturethroughout all office spaces has been custom made with somber tonesof alternating light and dark wood along clean orthogonallines.

Civil Engineer: Carlos Salazar
Contractor: Carlos Salazar
Phase: Finalized 2007