Cantalao Sculpture for Pablo Neruda Competition

  • Location:
    Cantalao, Chile
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Hung on the back of ahill, six assemblages of metallic tubes watch the sea, reflect thesurroundings, converse with the extraordinary landscape of Cantalaoand liberate their internal energy as they crash into nature´sforces. These six groups of tubes appropriate themselves of theplace on different levels of the site designated for the sculpturebringing the site´s topography into evidence by means of itsposition and the shadows cast by the sun. The parallel tubes,suspended from a structure of cables, construct figures inperspective, reflect light and oscillate in response to the wind,sometimes together and sometimes individually. In addition, thetubes have different diameter and longitudes that receive the windon angle from the north or from the south depending on the season,becoming an orchestra of organs that sing the Cantalao. Theinstallation attempts to reveal the internal energy of the place inthat it is sensitive to the site´s air, light, nature, earth,vegetation, sea and wind which are in constant motion. 

"It cannot stay still"says the poet of the mischievous site, scolding it for its untiringenergy.* But it is precisely this infinite energy that inspires andunites, transforms and sooths. For this reason Neruda wished tocreate in this place a community for artists and writers.

*Oda al Mar, PabloNeruda