Expansion Carmen Sallés Preschool

  • Location:
    La Moran, Caracas Venezuela
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The Carmen Sallés preschool islocated in the heart of the informal settlement La Morán. It isresponsible for the education of around 200 children between theages of 3 and 6. The school has grown organically, little by littleappropriating itself of small constructions surrounding it andconverting them into classrooms. Following this same pattern ofgrowth, the school wishes to restructure a house that was leftunderneath a previous expansion into a nursery that can accommodate20 children. Given the fact that space is limited and compromised,the intervention proposes to concentrate the available resources inthe extension of a platform over the inferior level that canconsolidate the fragmented existing rooms and at the same timecreate a vast and open area on top for the children´s recreation.Other interventions are modest and include furniture, pavement anda pergola type canopy.