La Media Legua Church

  • Location:
    La Media Legua, Estado Vargas Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Area:
    235 sq. m
  • Client:
    Media Legua Parish
  • Team:
    Elisa Silva
  • Photography:
    Enlace Arquitectura, C.A
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A breathtaking site on the northernside of the coastal mountain range overlooking the Caribbean Sea isthe location for a new church in the rural community of La MediaLegua. The project also contemplates spaces for congregation andovernight sleeping quarters for weekend missionary activity in afuture phase. The church accommodates a congregation of 200 peoplewho live in the vicinity and many of which would arrive by foot.The structure is made of cinder blocks converted into structuralwalls by inserting steel cable within and filling the air cavitywith concrete. Above 1.80 meters square openings of increasing sizeare place every other block creating a porous wall structure thatallows light to enter and air to circulate. Three calculatedopenings bring the exterior landscape into the church, by framingselected trees and landscape elements in the distance. Allconstruction will be undertaken by members of the Media Leguacommunity, using durable yet economic materials that can secure thechurch´s longevity and require a minimum attention tomaintenance.

Civil Engineer: Ricardo Silva
Phase: Under construction