La Carlota Green Metropolitan Park Competition

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    Caracas, Venezuela
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    Competition finalists
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Pista viva: revelation of the Carlota´s landscape


The transformation of La Carlotawhich is currently an military air base, into an urban park values,protects and projects a better social and environmental future forCaracas. Pista viva is based on ecological, social and economicconsiderations that ensure the project´s viability andsustainability. At the local scale a new urban dynamic develops interms of real estate and infrastructure. The park itself isstructured by the runway transformed into a tree lined boulevard;paths that lead people from one side of the park to the other,connecting parts of the city, while at the same time channelingrain water; cells of spaces that can host various activities; andnew facilities that take advantage of existing structures wheneverpossible and try to minimize their impact on the land and theenvironment. Management of the park´s transformation createsdiscussion scenarios with the areas neighbors, and all citizens ofCaracas who participate in the decision making process.