Sabana Grande Boulevard Pavement

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    Sabana Grande, Caracas Venezuela
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As winners of the competition forthe Rehabilitation of the Sabana Grande Boulevard, the Estancia ArtCenter invited us to design a pavement project for this importanturban space.
The proposed site is ambitious and includes the entire extensionof the Sabana Grande Boulevard, one of Caracas´ only trulypedestrian public spaces and all of its intersectingcross-streets.  We also included the creation of a new plazain front of the parish church El Recreo in order to recover andformalize what is today an ill-defined and amorphous space andextended the boulevard over the Acacias Avenue to include all ofthe Plaza Venezuela metro station entrances. These interventionsadd up to approximately 97,000 square meters of surface pavement,designed using the very same pavers that exist today.  Thesinusoidal pavers have become part of a collective memoryassociated with the boulevard over the years and are celebrated bythe proposed pattern as a complex and playful set of degradationbetween gray and black. Reutilizing the existing pavers will alsoset a valuable precedent of a project that follows sustainableconstruction guidelines within the city.