Rio de Janeiro Boulevard Competition

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    Caracas, Venezuela
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The Rio de Janeiro Boulevard runsalong the edge of the Guaire River between the Vera Cruz and LasMercedes bridges. The competition proposal attempts to improve thepedestrian functions of the boulevard by increasing areas of publicspace, creating better infrastructure for public transportation andbycicles as alternative mobility methods in the city.


The boulevard is segmented withfive intersections that result from the perpendicular streets thatend in the Rio de Janeiro Avenue. The project recognizes thesepoints by leveling all pavements to one level that can be unifiedinto plazas and open spaces on Sundays when the street is closedfor runners, walkers and people on bicycles. They have beenassigned specific programs and names: Water plaza, Skate plaza,Flowers plaza, Gastronomy plaza and Rio de Janeiro plaza. 


Rain water is collected into anopen channel and taken to a filtration system so that it can bereused for the fountains dispersed along the boulevard for childrento play with. They maintain a small flow of running water when itis not raining. Water retention channels with vegetation along theedge of the street receive rain water and reduce its speed beforeslowly letting it flow into the Guaire River, as a way of reducingthe chances for flash flooding.