Maracay Metropolitan Park Competition

  • Location:
    State of Aragua Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Contest position:
    First Prize
  • Client:
    The City of Maracay
  • Team:
    Designed by: Enrique Blanco, Inés Casanova and Elisa Silva Collaborators: Katherine Aguilar, José Bigott, Sergio Dos Santos, Ángel Flores, Andrés Sanz, Lucía Tirado & Jesús Wilhem.
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The development of a strategic plan for Maracay´s ECOPARQUE entails the design of a landscape project with recreational, sports and ecological interests, as well as its integration with the environmental and urban surroundings. It includes the social and educational activities necessary to guarantee the best use of the park and encourages the formation of strategic alliances for the implementation of such activities.

The project promotes Maracay as a green and sustainable city through a the design of a park that complements areas for sports and recreational use with ecological and social programs. In addition to the play fields, play grounds and walkways, the park incorporates a water treatment plant, an environmental awareness path, an energy parks and a recycling center.

The Metropolitan Park recognizes the Maracay River as part of a "Biological Corridor" between Valencia Lake and the Henry Pittier National Park, that forms a system of green areas and public spaces for the City of Maracay.