Recovery of La Cañonera Creek

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    La Moran, Caracas Venezuela
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Towards the northern edge of La Morán in the area of Casalta a natural spring runs down the hill eventually ending in the Guaire River. The creek water has been contaminated with sewage from nearby inhabitants threatening the environmental and creating serious health threats that are already evident in the frequent illnesses and allergies among children tha tlive in the area. The project proposes to work closely with the community, teaching them the value and importance of a healthy and clean environment and creating civic consciousness. A separate sewage collection system has been designed that connects to every home, which will run parallel to the creek with man wholes that allow for easy maintenance. The creek will also serve to evacuate rainwater and along its side banks new landscape will further emphasize its natural characteristics and provide the community with public space, public lighting, signage and park benches.