PURE SPACE: public space transformation in Latin-American slums

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    Caracas, Venezuela
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PURE SPACE: public space transformation in Latin-American slums presents 21 projects that demonstrate the value public space making has in informal settlements.

In the "barrios", which represent between 30% and 50% of Latin-American cities, the shortage of public space is the norm. The exhibition focuses on showing urban, environment and cultural operations that have been able to shape public spaces in the slums of Lima, Valparaiso, Medellin, Guayaquil, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas. The cases presented have merit not only because they reveal transforming processes that have improved the quality of life for people in the slums where they live, but because they overcame the economic justifications of their investment and answer the implicit social challenges. The relevance of this knowledge lies in its applicability for other communities at a national and regional level.

The exhibition which took place at the Galpones de los Chorros in Caracas in October 2013, is the result of an investigation conducted by architect Elisa Silva who received the Wheelwright Prize 2011-2012 for her project "Interpreting Design Knowledge Through Latin American Slum Upgrading Efforts." The Wheelwright Prize, sponsored by the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University recognizes talented architects from all parts of the world that promote areas of exceptional research and exploration. The prize attests to the importance field research has in professional development and contemporary practice.