Catalogue of the XX Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in Chile “Diálogos Impostergables”

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The Catalogue for the XX Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in Chile “Diálogos Impostergables”, edited by Felipe Vera and Constanza Larach, features the project City Planting. The publication is a compilation of projects by architects, academics, activists and government agencies from 26 countries. Material related to urban concerns and the construction of our future cities is discussed. The dynamics concentrate on topics of the common, identity, vulnerability, social inclusion, resources and the future. City Planting is presented in the activist category in segment “the common”. The text denounces the scarce offering of public space that is typical of informal settlements. It also narrates the participatory nature of the public space design process developed by the program in each community through playful experiences.

Authors: Felipe  Vera & Constanza Larach