Salom Street planters

  • Location:
    La Palomera, Baruta - Caracas Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Team:
    Enlace Foundation, Fospuca and the City of Baruta
  • Photography:
    Enlace Foundation
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Almost all the barrios of Caracas located on sloped hills, and those that with narrow streets, have the same situation at their entrances; a huge open-air container that not only receives waste from the entire community, but also greets its inhabitants every day and reminds them that they live in a place that is excluded and differentiated from the rest of the city. After existing for 70, 80 and 90 years (the barrio La Palomera was founded in 1936) there is no valid reason to justify such a difference in the quality of services offered to the city's barrios (where more than half of Caracas residents live). After consolidating the door-to-door solid waste collection program, executed by Fospuca with the support of the community of La Palomera, Enlace Arquitectura, Ciudad Laboratorio and the City of Baruta, the container of La Calle Salom was eliminated. Now the entrance to the barrio is finally free of garbage. In its place, planters were built, where neighbors and other members of the community planted vegetation they donated to the project.  

Solid waste collection in La Palomera