• Boite en Valise

    Venice - Italy


Boite en Valise

The content of the exhibition "Complete City: La Palomera, acknowledgment and celebration" at the Biennale di Venezia focuses on the public spaces and gardens of La Palomera. The owners of these gardens have extraordinary knowledge about their cultivation and their various uses. As a way of reproducing the presence of these gardens at the Venice Biennale, we created "boite-en-valise - alla Duchamp" as a piece of the exhibition transported back to the represented gardens. Boite-en-valise is a communication resource used by the artist Marcell Duchamp to share the development of his research and thought with friends and clients. They represent a microcosm of a larger work, but are also themselves movable and transportable works of art.

The box contains an axonometric drawing of each garden, the La Palomera newspaper, seeds donated by neighbor William Díaz, a postcard of the exhibition at the Arsenale of the Venice Biennale, and a decorative piece of plaster embedded with the mark of a flower or leaf by the artist Ambar Armas. The lid is reversible, on the one side it has the logo of the biennial and on the other the portrait of the owner in their garden. The box was made by the neighbor of La Palomera Augusto Pacheco and designed by Enlace Arquitectura, Gabriel Nass and Ambar Armas.

Boite en Valise Boite en Valise Boite en Valise

Photography: Enlace Arquitectura