What is common between Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro, Medellin and Caracas - XX Architecture and Urban Design Biennial in Chile

Elisa Silva participates in dialogues regarding what is common at the XX Architecture and Urban Design Biennial in Valparaiso Chile, curated by Claudio Magrini and Miguel Cancino. Presentations by Alejandro Echeverri of Medellin, Rua Arquitetos of Rio de Janeiro,  Elisa Silva of Caracas and Gonzalo Undurragaof Valparaiso to exchange perspectives on city dynamics in light of Valparaiso´s present opportunity to design a new zoning and planning structure for the city.

Claudio Magrini: This is a reflection is about what Valparaiso has in common with other Latin American cities with experiences that can help better plan the future of this port city. Valparaiso faces the eminent challenge of formulating an organic plan that can face issues related to its particular geography, its exposure to natural disasters, high levels of poverty, the presence of informal settlements, a widely recognized historic center that is undergoing severe decay, a coast that is disputed between the interests of its inhabitants and private enterprise, and finally the lack of a clear vision on its urban territory that is nearly ungovernable. The idea is to share successful experiences in other cities that may be applicable to the Valparaiso context.