Interview with Albani Losada and Unai Abenamar on Radio Station Exitos 99.7 in Caracas

Elisa was invited to a live interview with Albani Losada and Unai Abenamar as part of their program on Radio Station Exitos 99.7, the 19th of February 2018. The conversation centered on the role public space plays in building social cohesion in cities. The City Planting projects by Citibank and Fudep are examples of how communities come together to transform their environment, but also manifest their desire to be considered equals in the city.

Enlace Arquitectura´s work on the mappings of Caracas´ informal settlements show that half of the urban population lives there, and yet they do not enjoy the same recognition, nor access to urban spaces such as public plazas and children playgrounds. They also spoke about the pending conversion of the city´s Rio Guaire into a continuous linear park, and the critical role civil society can represent in advancing urban transformation agendas.