Integration Process Caracas - Art Pedagogy and the City Lecture Series, First Lecture

On November 17 we kicked off the "Integration Process Caracas" program with the first talk of the lecture series "Art, Pedagogy and the City". The lecture entitled "Strategies for Integration" brought together a diverse group of speakers who addressed issues related to urban integration such as the real and symbolic merging of the city and the distinction between "formal" and "informal" cities. The meeting took place in the La Palomera´s basketball court where Natalya Critchley, Cheo Carvajal, Elisa Silva, Sergio Dos Santos, Martina Arteaga and José González told us about integration experiences related to art, pedagogy, urban design and local experiences. The lecture was attended by neighbors from the community of La Palomera and other parts of the city. At the end of the presentations everyone participated in a workshop experience led by Katiuska Camargo, who invited them to dream as children and imagine transformations for the community. This initiative is part of the United States Embassy in Venezuela´s cultural program.

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