Studio final review “The Agency of Mezcal in the Oaxaca Valley”

Final review for the work of students in Harvard University Graduate School of Design “The Agency of Mezcal in the Oaxaca Valley” option studio led by Elisa Silva, was presented on the 10th of December 2018 in front of a multidisciplinary jury comprised of professors Diane Davis, chair of the GSD´s Department of Urban Planning and Design; Aziza Chaouni, associate professor at Daniel´s Univeristy of Toronto; Juan José Consejo, president of INSO in Oaxaca; Pablo Perez Ramos, assistant professor in Landscape Architecture GSD; Alistair McIntoch, Landscape architect and lecturer at the GSD; Steven Handel, ecologist and lecturer at the GSD; Miquel Adriá, director of Arquine in Mexico; Anna Heringer, architect and design critic GSD; Guilllermo Chavez in representation of Agave Capital and Bruxo Mezcal. Students developed proposals for the towns of San Martín Lachilá, Agua del Espino and San Agustín Amatengo in the Ejutla region of Oaxaca Mexico. The approaches considered reforestation strategies, water harvesting, public space, agave harvesting, wood production, the inclusion of women in new productive activities and expanding the management of mezcal related activities to include more ecologically sustainable strategies as well as new components of terroir.