Inauguration Plaza Jorge Somaca, Chapellin

After twenty weeks of work through the phases of community consultations, participatory design and construction, the Chapellin Plaza was inaugurated with the participation of neighbors and visitors. This project was funded by the Swiss Embassy in Venezuela through an alliance with Caracas MiConvive, an NGO focused on empowering and supporting communities in Caracas. Enlace Arquitectura led design and construction efforts together with local associations such as Asociación de Jóvenes Unidos AJU and the Don Bosco de Chaplain pre-school. A uniform pavement over 280 m2 of surface allow children and youth to play baseball, soccer and ride bikes. It has also been used for community festivities over the holiday season revealing an immediate appropriation of the renewed public space by neighbors. The public space was named Plaza Jorge Somaca after the leader of the association AJU, who sadly passed days before the project was completed.