Across the Americas – Columbia University Incubator

Elisa is part of a conversation initiated by Agustín Schang and Laura González that explores contemporary architecture models operating Across the Americas. The group was comprised by Julian Palacio, Jorge Ambrosi & Gabriela Etchegaray, Rafael Gamo, Elisa Silva and Maite Borjabad Lopez-Pastor.

Agustin and Laura later summarized the content of the discussions:“They addressed topics about materiality & tectonics as tools for identity, the afterlife of projects, the act of representation affected by geographic and cultural contexts, visual narratives & composing of an image, circulation of references in the construction of power, landscapes of opportunity, heritage, counterflow: from north to south on how to build a practice and what happens to nonreciprocal timing and the times of inequality we are living - this not to search for a "common ground", but to reveal some of the interactions and movements of the different architectures and environments of the Americas. Seeking to elevate the quality and understanding of our built environment, spark lively conversations, trigger an ongoing exchange, and to think about the future by extending our interests beyond the object with four walls.”