Elisa speaks at the The Nature of City TNOC Summit in Paris

The Nature of Cities Summit took place for the very first time at Sorbonne University, Jussieu Marie Curie campus in Paris France on June 6, 2019. Organized by David Maddox and a very capable multidisciplinary team of artists, ecologists, activists, landscape architects and planners, the summit presented several discussion panels focusing on different aspects of a green city. Elisa participated in a panel together with David Simon -London and Cape Town, Fish Yu-Shenzhen and Samarth Das-Mumbai in the Summit Dialogue: How can we create living space in cities? 

Quoted from the TNOC Summit web site: There were two common themes among the three diverse responses. One is the key idea of shared space, both in terms of use, but also creation. When we build cities, we need to consider not just not public space, narrowly conceived, but shared space that may take many forms and emerge from various sources. Shared spaces must facilitate uses by and interactions among all types of users. We might seek out new uses for familiar spaces—a parking lot to a playground, for example, a shared rooftop to a garden.

A second theme is the idea that engagement among stakeholders—residents, government, business, civil society—is a critical part of every successful shared space. This process of engagement builds on shared experience. It contributes to overall improvement of the project itself, and most importantly ensures that it thrives on people’s emotional connection to the space upon completion. Engagement cultivates broader acceptance of modified land uses, but also curate new ideas about how land could and should be used.

TNOC Summit Dialogue: How can we provide living spaces for people

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