Founder´s Celebration – Fifth Gathering IPC

On Saturday, July 13, the Founder’s Celebration was held in the Santo Domingo sector of La Palomera, Baruta Municipality, as part of the program Integration Process Caracas. The purpose of the event was to disseminate the unacknowledged urban history of a this part of the city. Founders of La Palomera and their descendants shared the stories and anecdotes of how the settlement's process began.

Many remember their dependence of the Church and the rent they paid them as landlords. The guests who attended had the opportunity to dance joropo central with neighbors, to the beat of music played by musicians of the Bigott Foundation and dancers Sara Medina, Marialejandra Orozco and Harold Palacios of Ensayo Colectivo.

-Walk from Hacienda la Trinidad to La Palomera.
-Welcome to visitors in the Plaza Bolívar de Baruta
-Colloquium with members of the founding families of La Palomera.
-Live music and joropo central dancing with the Bigott Foundation.

The event ended with a sancocho that was shared between the community and the attendees!

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