The event "Nothing out of the ordinary" reclaims an abandoned house for art and culture in La Palomera

“Nothing Out of the Ordinary” took place on October 12, 2019 in a run-down, abandoned structure in La Palomera, as part of the program Integration Process Caracas IPC. The community of La Palomera invited the IPC team to help them initiate the structure´s recovery process, which was sparked by a celebration of art and culture attended by neighbors of La Palomera  and visitors from the entire city.

The house was symbolically recovered by creating two openings to gain access to the interior, allowing volunteers to clean and prepare the site. Two weeks later, the doors were opened to the public for an event that included videos, contemporary dance performances, traditional Venezuelan music, dancing, and sancocho (a Venezuelan stew), all of which were closely tied to artist-focused workshops developed through the IPC program.

The event was unique in its nature, and yet should be, as the title suggests, “nothing out of the ordinary” in a vibrant, well-integrated and inclusive city. The intention is to transform the structure into a permanent place for culture and take advantage of the house´s unique location, precisely between the town of Baruta and the barrio, as a gesture of urban integration.

4:00 pm. Comparsa, chimbangueles and drum gaita.
4:45 pm. Traditional dance / everyone's house
5:30 pm. Performance “Inhabiting the House”
6:30 pm. Workshop "The House and the body"
7:00 pm. Manifesto Meeting and Discovery in La Palomera
4:00 - 8:00 pm. Hot dishes and cold drinks, videos and live music.

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