Enlace Foundation and Fospuca begin door to door waste collection in La Palomera

Today, October 3, 2019, Fospuca began a door-to-door waste collection program in La Palomera, Baruta, employing people from the community with the institutional support of the City of Baruta and the social accompaniment of Enlace Foundation. The initiative provides barrio inhabitants with a better-quality service and will eliminate the presence of containers in the entrances of the informal settlement. It represents a pilot project that will be replicated in other sectors of the municipality such as El Placer de María, Ojo de Agua, Las Minas, Santa Cruz and Hoyo de la Puerta.

The initiative is part of the program "Integration Process Caracas", which creates opportunities for citizens to question the prejudices and discrimination that persists with respect to the barrio and its inhabitants. Through cultural events, social media dissemination and workshops, IPC has sought to advance the notion of a Complete City and a society that recognizes that the barrio is part of the city.

Solid waste collection in La Palomera