Inauguration of the exhibition “COMPLETE CITY: La Palomera, acknowledgement and celebration”

The exhibition includes the work, experiences and lessons of the Integration process Caracas program that began in the informal settlement La Palomera in November 2018. Its objective has been to invite all citizens to get to know La Palomera through its culture, its sancochos (a Venezuelan stew), its spaces and its people. Audiences are also invited to question the negative stigma that exist with respect to the barrio and to see it with a renewed gaze, so that it may be discovered, understood and recognized as a living and vital place for the city.

Eager to be modern, Caracas did not know how to welcome hundreds of thousands of people who came to it, called precisely by the promise of modernity. The barrios did receive them. To be more precise: they built the barrios which today represent the home of half of Caracas. In fact, La Palomera began its development in 1936 and is older than at least three quarters of Caracas. It has 980 homes, 6,000 inhabitants and represents a construction investment of 68 million USD, as well as 1.75 hectares of public space including paths, stairs and squares. In this sense it is as urban as Las Delicias, Prados del Este or La California, neighborhoods that are acknowledged and well-known in the city.

The sample includes the survey work carried out by the Green Workshop where 260 species that grow in La Palomera were mapped and systematized in an Ethnobotanical Dictionary of plants from the gardens of La Palomera. It also features the portraits of the garden owners and describes them in a publication. The model of La Palomera and its environment at 1: 200 scale lies in another room, It measures 3.0 m x 3.4m. Film records of the procession of the model during the celebration of the Cross of May, interviews with the residents of La Palomera, booklets produced by the workshop "Cuadernillos de Cordel" by youth from the Alejo Fortique High School and a complete systematization of the entire IPC experience, in the form of an archive, complements the content of the exhibition.

In addition to the content of the gallery spaces, the exhibition is accompanied by a series of events throughout its permanence at the Hacienda La Trinidad

Saturday 15 - 11:00 am
Exhibition Opening

Saturday 22 - 11:00 am
Cultural Capsules and the House is Made with the Body
Carnival celebration with lessons to dance drums and the music of San Juan together with Collective Essay, Tradition 360 (Harold Palacios, Marialejandra Orozco and Sara Medina), Laboratorio Ciudadano (María Fernanda Abzueta and Dora Peña) and the Tambor y Gloria musicians from the Bigott Foundation.

Saturday 29 - 10:00 am
The art of walking and integrating / Walk from La Palomera to Hacienda La Trinidad
Pedestrian route starting at the Casa de Todos on Calle Páez, between the town of Baruta and La Palomera to the Hacienda La Trinidad. Conversation with the founders of La Palomera Reina Guzmán and Rafael Carrasco on the grounds of the Hacienda.

Saturday 07 - 11:00 am
Landscape and vegetation / An ethnobotanical tour through the Sorocaima park and the Hacienda La Trinidad
Conversations about the different species of plants found in the Hacienda La Trinidad and La Palomera. The tour begins in the Sorocaima park and ends in the exhibition. Directed by Cheo Carvajal, Ambar Ármas and Gabriel Nass.

Wednesday 18 - 11:00 am
Wednesday 25 - 11:00 am
Return to the Cuadernillos de Cordel / Visit by the students of the Alejo Fortique High School to the Hacienda
Youth from the Alejo Fortique High School visit the Hacienda La Trinidad PC
The young artists exhibit the work they did in the drawing, representation and stories workshop with Ambar Ármas, Gabriel Pérez, Wuifer Márquez and Paula Mercado.

Thursday 16 - 5:30 pm
Alter / action: art as participation and dialogue
Conversations with international artists together with Gerardo Zavarce (moderator), Michelle Ortis, Bill Kelley, Reinaldo Laddaga and Silvia Fuentes.

Saturday 18 - 3:00 pm
Art, pedagogy and city / sharing work practices and methodologies for integration (IPC)
Meeting to reflect and share the work methodology developed in the various activities of the IPC program together with Ciudad Laboratorio, Enlace Foundation, Fundación Bigott, Ensayo Colectivo, Tradición 360, Laboratorio Ciudadano, Taller Verde and the Hacienda La Trinidad P.C.

El Universal "Deseo de una Ciudad Completa" desde La Palomera hasta la Hacienda La Trinidad

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