Alter-actions: art, learning and participation

In the framework of the exhibition
Complete City | La Palomera: recognition and celebration

This event is presented as part of the exhibition “Complete City: La Palomera, acknowledgement and celebration” and the program Integration Process Caracas. Over the course of several months, various creative experiences were articulated, conceived from the barrio La Palomera as a space of learning, participation and dialogue. Actions and artistic practices also incorporated traditional cultural manifestations.

In this sense, "alter-actions: art, learning and participation" opens the discussion beyond the project in La Palomera in order to lean from other proposals conceived from similar perspectives, but articulated in other contexts, other places, other actors, other testimonies and other traditions. A dialogue about the image, the body, gestures, traditional celebrations, the country, landscape, empathy and the construction of new forms of citizenship and democratic alternatives.
Artistic practices as a dialogical space for learning and participation are conceived to transform realities, sensitive acts and political actions as we encounter otherness. That is, the other that complements us, that looks at us, and echoes our call. This virtual encounter of many voices is an opportunity to collectively celebrate and discover new networks and horizons through art, pedagogy and the city.

June 11, 2020 4:00 pm.
moderated by: Gerardo Zavarce Ciudad Laboratorio
Michelle Ortiz
Karina Zavarce
Natalya Critchley
Diana Rangel
Cheo Carvajal

June 18, 2020 4:00 pm.
moderated by: Silvia Fuentes Hacienda La Trinidad PC
Bill Kelley Jr.
Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Elisabetta Balasso
Nicolás París
Elisa Silva