Elisa participates in the 2020 edition of the DDA Day of the Architect event

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, Grupo Marmoca organized a virtual event to celebrate the 2020 edition of the Day of the Architect DDA. The targeted audience includes architects, design professionals and students.

Elisa Silva, along with a panel of invited architects from Venezuela, Colombia and the United States, including Farid Chacón de Nomadas and Carlos Andrés Betancur from Opus, shared comments and impressions about the implications of Covid 19 on contemporary life and space. 

The moderator Maximiliano Nowotka proposed the question: What are the challenges domestic or work spaces have now and into the future? Highlights from the conversation centered on the importance of public space, the re-appropriation of the street as a public space conquered from cars, and the value in neighborhood centered conceptions of mobility within cities.

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