Debate N ° 9 “Popular Communities. The Emerging City”

MUSARQ hosts its 9th debate on "Popular Communities. The emerging city", Wednesday, August 5, 2020 starting at 9:00 am. The invited speakers include Joao de Freitas, Elisa Silva and Rafael Machado. The discussion will be moderated by Newton Rauseo and commented at the end by Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

The following premise posed by Marcos Coronel will guide the discussion. Every day there is less space for development as we know it. So-called -progress- has exhausted much of the conventional territory. Everything seems to indicate that a change will occur in cities where popular communities will become the new center of urban planning.

  • What models will govern these operations? What form could these new structures reflect?
  • What role will architects play? Central government? The universities?
  • Is it possible to direct truly forceful urban policies, promoting a transformation of the city where communities are considered an essential territory?