First Prize at the XI National Architecture Biennial in the Non - Built category

Enlace Arquitectura, together with Inés Casanova and Enrique Blanco, received First Prize at the XI National ArchitectureBiennial in the category of Non-Built projects for the MaracayMetropolitan Ecological Park Competition in Maracay, Venezuela.
Enlace was also awarded Honorable Mention for the rehabilitation interventions in the Barrio La Morán.

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Elisa Silva participates in the Round Table discussion "Architecture as a motor for social habitat interventions" Universidade da Coruña

Elisa Silva participates in the Round Table discusion"Architecture as social motor for intervention in Hábitat" by theUniversity of Coruña in Spain together with other Latin Americanarchitects working in the region. The session was moderated byarchitect Placido Lizancos Mora, Coordinator of the Habitat Projectat that institution.

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7th Conversation on URBANITY ¡Lo cortez no quita lo valiente!

Elisa Silva participated in the 7th conversation on URBANITY ¡Lo cortez no quita lo valiente! at the Library Lugar Común, which wasorganized by Sampablera por Caracas. The conversation centered onthe relationship between civic behavior and access to public spacein the city.

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Exhibition - Pure Space: Public space transformations in Latin American slums

The exhibition presents research work by Elisa Silva for the Wheelwright Fellowship from the Graduate School of Design Harvard University. It is open to the public between the 8th of Septemberand the 18th of October 2014 at the Eric Arthur Gallery ofthe Daniels Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto. The show includes 21 projects in the cities of Lima, Medellin, Guayaquil, Valparaiso, Caracas and Rio de Janeiro. where publicspace is created in informal settlments as part of largerinvestments in major infrastructure, environmental conservation andrisk management projects.

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Exhibition - Proyecto Helicoide: Fantastic Visions

La Caja - Centro Cultural Chacao, Caracas

Between the 14th of September and the 30th of November, theexhibition "Proyecto Helicoide: Fantastic Visions" presents thework of several Venezuelan artists and architects invited to sharetheir statements or projections related to the little understoodmodern architecture legacy called El Helicoide. The piece by Elisa Silva titled "Section: San Agustín - Helicoide - Cota 905" formspart of the exhibition.

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